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We are Scientists and our daughter is an Engineer by profession.

We are  living in a small city called Hassan, which is close to Bangalore in India. It is a beautiful city with pleasant climate throughout the year. Very close to hassan city we have coffee / cardamom /tea and orange plantations around. Wild elephants also seen often.
The world famous ancient temples of Belur, Halebeedu and Shravanabelgola with a 57ft stone statue of Gomateshwara are also close by.

To come out of the usual monotony and stress, almost every year we plan for a tour within & outside our country.  We are basically nature lovers.  We love traveling, moving around, understanding and appreciating the culture of different people around the world. Basically, we are budget travelers.  

Since we are vegetarians, we cook our food (ready to eat) when on tour.  So we always book  low budget accommodation with kitchen.  Hence we save lot of money on food and also keep in good health throughout.  We prefer to travel on surface as we like to enjoy the beauty of nature & also it is cheaper.  We video the beautiful scenery during journey & take plenty of Photographs.

We make use of the offers given by the travel company/ airlines & prefer red-eye flights which helps in cutting the budget on air travel. We use day pass to see the local sightseeing.  As everything is available in India at a much cheaper rate, we avoid shopping unless it is very essential.  This money & time is used for additional sight seeing.   

We have  wonderful family & friends.  All our kith & kin and travel friends of the world,  are very encouraging & they come out with great ideas in helping us to travel with comfort. i have travelled more than 100 countries. Without their moral support and encouragement, all our tours would have been incomplete.   So, we are very grateful & thankful to all those who have encouraged and supported us in all our endeavours.



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