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After having traveled all the continents and more than 100 countries, we are happy to mention here that we had no problems anywhere in the world. Infact, at most of the places, people were very helpful.  Normally, most of the countries are tourist friendly and tourists can move around without any fear. In some countries, we also encountered people who were willing to help even though they could not speak English.



India is a wonderful country to visit, it is damn cheap. 1 euro is very big money in india, no travel loving tourist should miss this country.
This is a very big country, so you need more time to visit.  This country has every thing like nice beaches, great mountains like The Himalayas, desert of Rajastan state, nice back waters in Kerala and Karnataka, great temples, churches, mosques, monastries etc.,
cheap shopping malls in mumbai & for food lovers India is a paradise. In india, every 300km there is change in food habits, culture, language etc., so if you are a spicy food lover you must visit India.  If you love culture, yoga, meditation, festivals (like
festival of light called DIWALI, festival of colors called HOLI, festival of harvest called PONGAL, festival of Dance/ Dolls called DASARA etc.), then rush to india.
All through the year it is festival in India so never miss india, but....poor roads in some areas, too many people, too many sellers some time irritate tourists.

In Asia, we feel Hong Kong is the most colorful with neon's in the night. It is an Asian Paradise, especially for people who cannot visit Las Vegas. Also, we visited Macau, a small country close to Hong Kong which is considered the Monaco of the East for casinos. Next to India, we feel China is the cheapest country in the world. It is a heaven for budget travelers. Greatwall of China, one of the wonders of the world was really amazing and unimaginable and Tinnaman square, Forbidden city are nice places of historic importance.

Japan people were very kind and helpful. Even though they don't speak English, they could understand us if we speak slowly, particularly youngsters and guide us nicely. Japan has the best rail system and excellent time keeping of the trains, particularly travelling by bullet train was wonderful experience. We were delighted to see the floating kansai airport of Osaka. Overall, the country is very expensive.

The Kailash-Manasarovar yatra was the toughest one due to poor arrangements and infrastructure, but worth visiting. We had an exciting experience of feeling close to God & mother nature. We suggest, one should do it when one is young and energetic, and not advisable to do it at an old age. If you have plans, don't postpone.

In general, the shopping paradise for electronics goods/ gold are Singapore and Dubai. If you are coming back to India from East it is always better to buy from Singapore.  Similarly, if you are coming from west better to buy at Dubai. Both these countries are very small, hot/humid but beautiful with well maintained roads & gardens. The desert safari in Dubai was an unforgetable experience. Driving skill of the land cruiser vehicle drivers in the desert are highly appreciable.

We had nice time in our Middle East tour especially the Giza Pyramids of Egypt, yet another wonder. Nile River cruising in Luxor & Aswan Dam were beautiful. Coming down to Greece & Turkey - the Acropolis, the Artemis, Ephesis, Pamaculle, the Blue mosque, Bhosforous Cruise (dividing Asia & Europe) were memorable ones. Grand Bazaar in Istambul was really a grand one with hundreds of shops under one roof.

One cannot forget the great hospitality of Sri Lankans. The rich vegetation, spice garden, beaches etc. of Sri Lanka cannot be overlooked.


In Africa, people use to caution us all the time but we never faced any great problems. If you are nature and animal lover, you must visit Africa particularly Ngorengoro crater in Tanzania, where most of the animals & birds live. We went back to our school days when we visited Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope, the southernmost tip of Africa reminding us of Vasco da gama's voyage to India. The majestic welcome of Victoria falls at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe was remembered throughout the African safari. Mt. Kenya & Uganda at the equator was really exciting. Keeping one leg on the northern hemisphere and other on the southern hemisphere was great fun. But definitely, one has to be careful while moving around alone in Africa.


In Brazil, I visited Iguaçu water falls. I rate this as the best in the world even better than Victoria falls at Zimbabwe & Zambia border.
If God wishes, I like to visit this falls once again in my life. Rio de Janeiro is a vibrant city and I found people are carefree & always enjoying even in the late night, RIO CARNIVAL
was an unforgettable experience.

Buenos Aires of Argentina, Monte-Video of Uruguay and Santiago of Chile are nice cities in South America.

Chile-Easter island also called rapa nui or hanga rua - a mysterious island - a must see before you die.

Peru is also a wonderful country - don't miss to see MACHU PICCHU.

BOLIVIA is nice, a bit backward as compared to other countries, but people are very good. THE DEATH ROAD
experience was very scary.

ECUADOR is nice and simple, VISIT TO EQUATOR "Mitel del mundo" the center of the world in spanish was worthy and the testing conducted on the equator was amazing.

COLOMBIA was good, had no problems, visit to Zipaquira was an excellent experience.

wonderful country to visit, never forget to visit CANAIMA NATIONAL PARK, you can see world's tallest water falls THE ANGEL FALLS'
bit tough to do but... worth every penny.


PANAMA - more advanced - Panama canal visit is a must, small country and very nice.

NICARAGUA - cheap travel and nice people, excellent places around to visit. If you love to visit VOLCANOs, Nicaragua is good destination, Masaya valcano, Ometepe Island visit is worthy. Granada was nice - spanish colonial environment. Managua is a capital city like in any other country.

GUATEMALA small and beautiful - visit to TIKAL national park was very exciting - nice ruins of mayans. Antigua a small city close to the capital guatemala city is base to visit PACAYA VOLCANO.

MEXICO visit was wonderful.  The Cancun city is the base to visit CHICHEN ITZA (one of the wonders of the world - the stone pyramids).
Mexico city, the capital, is nice and crowded & a feast for shopping.

CUBA - totally a different country, very very safe, bit old cars/taxi but I enjoyed a totally different
atmosphere. Too much formalities at the airport, no internet shops for Public.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC small country - quite advanced in comparison to Cuba and Haiti.

HAITI - sorry to see after earth quake - not good, it is more of African-French country not so developed, people around are poor but friendly.
I visited after earth quake just to console people. I was there for just 3 days.


Even though it was quite tough, I enjoyed my tour to South America and Antarctica. I had great experience in Antarctica. I rate this as the best of all tours traveled so far. The tears rolled down on my cheeks without my knowledge when I upheld tri-color Indian Flag from my pocket which I carried all the way from my small town Hassan. I thanked God and said "Mera jeevan safal ho gaya " (Thanking god for fulfilling my life's ambition). An exciting experience of the Catabatic Winds & formation of Ice Caves was really memorable.


No one can forget Europe! Its a dream of every man to visit Europe atleast once in one's life time. People here are blessed with beautiful nature and rich greenery. Wonderful roads, snow-capped mountains, very clean, excellent climate (bit on the cooler side), it is really a pleasure to drive along Europe. If Switzerland is known for its snow-capped mountains, Italy is known for its history. The European countries are countries competing with each other in welcoming visitors. There are lot of places to see in Italy - like the Isle of Capri, the Leaning tower of Pisa, St. Peter's Bassalica & the Roman Colosseum, Gondola ride in Venice - are all unforgettable. One should not miss the Eiffel Tower and Loevra museum in Paris, one of the great seven man-made wonders.  Moscow's Kremlin and Red square, St. Petersburg's Petrodverts, Russian circus, Holland's windmills and tulip gardens, richness of Scandinavia, London's Thames river, Big Ben, the London bridge, Madam Tussauds museum etc..etc.. must not be missed. It is really difficult to find words to appreciate the breath taking beauty of Europe.


Scuba diving experience at Great Barrier Reef in Australia was really amazing. Sydney's opera house, Harbour bridge, Melbourne's Great Ocean road, Gold Coast's Theme Parks are mind boggling.

We rate New Zealand as the most beautiful and tourist friendly country. To quote, when we asked address of our accommodation in a city bus, the driver not only came down and helped to lift our baggages but also dropped us at the entrance of the hotel. Rotorua's Thermal Reserve, Waitamo Caves, Franz Josef, Mt. Cook & Milford sound are unforgettable.

So, these are some of the rich experiences of our tour. However, it is not possible to put all our ideas into the web-page, so a video of the whole tour is documented and stored for our memory. We shall keep updating this page as & when we visit new places/ countries.


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