Year - 2002

1. Kenya

2. Tanzania

3. Zimbabwe

4. South Africa

5. Zambia

Year - 2004

6. Egypt

Year - 2009

South Africa

7. Mozambique

8. Madagascar

9. Ethiopia

10. Botswana

11. Seychelles

12. Mauritius

13. Namibia

14. Uganda

Year - 2010

15. Morocco

Year - 2012

16. Cotede Ivory

17. Mauritania

18. Ghana


19. Togo

20. Senegal

21. Mali

22. Burkina Faso

23. Niger

Year - 2016


24. Chad

25. Burundi

26. Rwanda


27. Democratic 

country of congo

28. Sudan


In Africa, people use to caution us all the time but we never faced any great problems. If you are nature and animal lover, you must visit Africa particularly Ngorengoro crater in Tanzania, where most of the animals & birds live. We went back to our school days when we visited Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope, the southernmost tip of Africa in South African country reminding us of Vasco da gama's voyage to India. The majestic welcome of Victoria falls at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe was remembered throughout the African safari. Mt. Kenya & Uganda at the equator was really exciting. Keeping one leg on the northern hemisphere and other on the southern hemisphere was great fun. But definitely, one has to be careful while moving around alone in Africa.

Chad is worth visiting. The Ennedi plateau in Sahara desert noted for amazing rock formations due to desert storms is worth visiting.

Democratic republic of Congo - a must visit for nyragongo active volcano.

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