Year - 1997

1. Singapore

2. Thailand

3. Hong Kong

4. China

Year - 1999


Year - 2000

5. Japan

6. Sri Lanka


Year - 2001


Year - 2004

7. United Arab Emirates (UAE)

8. Turkey

9. Sharjah

Year - 2005


Hong kong


10. Macau

Year - 2007

11. South Korea

12. Taiwan

13. Brunei 

14. Cambodia

15. Indonesia

16. Malaysia

17. Myanmar

18. Phillipines


19. Laos

20. Vietnam

Year - 2009

21. Bangladesh

22. Bhutan


Year - 2011

23. Qatar

Year - 2012

24. Maldives

Year - 2015

25. Kyrgystan

26. Tajakistan

27. Uzbekistan

28. Kazakhstan

Year - 2016

29. Iran

30. Armenia

31. Azerbaijan

32. Georgia

33. Abu dhabi

Year - 2018



Year - 2019

34. Bahrain



India is a wonderful country to visit. It is damn cheap. 1 euro is very big money in India, travel freaks should not miss this country.
This is a very big country, so you need more time to visit.  This country has everything like nice beaches, great mountains like The Himalayas, desert of Rajasthan state, nice back waters in Kerala and Karnataka, great temples, churches, mosques, monasteries etc., cheap shopping malls in Mumbai & for food lovers India is a paradise. In India, every 300km there is change in food habits, culture, language etc., so if you are a spicy food lover you must visit India.  If you love culture, yoga, meditation, festivals (like festival of lights called DIWALI, festival of colors called HOLI, festival of harvest called PONGAL, festival of Dance/ Dolls called DASARA etc.), then rush to India.
All through the year it is festival in India so never miss India, but....poor roads in some areas, too many people, too many sellers some time irritate tourists.


In Asia, we feel Hong Kong is the most colorful with neon's in the night. It is an Asian Paradise, especially for people who cannot visit Las Vegas. Also, we visited Macau, a small country close to Hong Kong which is considered the Monaco of the East for casinos. Next to India, we feel China is one of the cheapest country in the world. It is a heaven for budget travellers. Great wall of China, one of the wonders of the world was really amazing and unimaginable and Tinnaman square, Forbidden city are nice places of historic importance.

In Japan, people were very kind and helpful. Even though they don't speak English, they could understand us if we speak slowly, particularly youngsters and guide us nicely. Japan has the best rail system and excellent time keeping of the trains, particularly travelling by bullet train was wonderful experience. We were delighted to see the floating kansai airport of Osaka. Overall, the country is very expensive.

The Kailash-Manasarovar yatra (China-Tibet) was the toughest one due to poor arrangements and infrastructure, but worth visiting. We had an exciting experience of feeling close to God & Mother Nature. We suggest, one should do it when one is young and energetic, and not advisable to do it at an old age. If you have plans, don't postpone.

In general, the shopping paradise for electronic goods/ gold are Singapore and Dubai. If you are coming back to India from East it is always better to buy from Singapore.  Similarly, if you are coming from west, better to buy at Dubai. Both these countries are very small, hot/humid but beautiful with well-maintained roads & gardens. The desert safari in Dubai was an unforgettable experience. Driving skill of the land cruiser vehicle drivers in the desert is highly appreciable.

We had nice time in our Middle East tour especially the Giza Pyramids of Egypt, yet another wonder. Nile River cruising in Luxor & Aswan Dam was beautiful. Coming down to Greece & Turkey - the Acropolis, the Artemis, Ephesis, Pamaculle, the Blue mosque, Bhosforous Cruise (dividing Asia & Europe) were memorable ones. Grand Bazaar in Istambul was really a grand one with hundreds of shops under one roof.

One cannot forget the great hospitality of Sri Lankans. The rich vegetation, spice garden, beaches etc., of Sri Lanka cannot be overlooked.

Indonesia is very good for beach, scuba loving tourist and also bit cheap.

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