Year - 2006

1. Argentina

2. Chile

3. Uruguay

4. Falkland Islands

5. Brazil


Year - 2018

12. Guyana

13. Suriname

14. French Guiana

15. Aruba

16. Bonaire

17. Curacao

Year - 2011


6. Colombia


7. Bolivia

8. Ecuador

9. Peru

10. Paraguay

11. Venezuela

Year - 2019




  • In Brazil, I visited Iguaçu water falls. I rate this as the best in the world even better than Victoria falls at Zimbabwe & Zambia border.

  • If God wishes, I like to visit this falls once again in my life. Rio de Janeiro is a vibrant city and I found people are carefree & always enjoying even in the late night. Rio Carnival was an unforgettable experience.

  • Buenos Aires of Argentina, Monte-Video of Uruguay and Santiago of Chile are nice cities in South America.

  • Chile-Easter island also called rapa nui or hanga rua - a mysterious island - a must see before you die.

  • Peru is also a wonderful country - don't miss to see Machu Picchu.

  • Bolivia is nice, a bit backward as compared to other countries, but people are very good. The Death Road experience was very scary.

  • Ecuador is nice and simple, Visit to Equator "Mitel del mundo" the center of the world was worthy and the testing conducted on the equator was amazing.

  • Colombia was good, had no problems, visit to Zipaquira was an excellent experience.

  • Venezuela - wonderful country to visit, never forget to visit Canaima National Park, you can see world's tallest waterfalls The Angel Falls' bit tough to do but... worth every penny.


PANAMA - more advanced - Panama canal visit is a must, small country and very nice.
NICARAGUA - cheap travel and nice people, excellent places around to visit. If you love to visit Volcanoes, Nicaragua is good destination. Masaya volcano, Ometepe Island visit is worthy. Granada was nice - spanish colonial environment. Managua is a capital city like in any other country.
GUATEMALA small and beautiful - visit to Tikal national park was very exciting - nice ruins of mayans. Antigua a small city close to the capital guatemala city is base to visit Pacaya Volcano.
MEXICO visit was wonderful.  The Cancun city is the base to visit Chichen Itza (one of the wonders of the world - the stone pyramids).
Mexico city, the capital, is nice and crowded & a feast for shopping.
CUBA - totally a different country, very very safe, bit old cars/taxi but I enjoyed a totally different atmosphere. Too many formalities at the airport, no internet shops for Public.
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC small country - quite advanced in comparison to Cuba and Haiti.
HAITI - sorry to see after earth quake - not good, it is more of African-French country not so developed, people around are poor but friendly.
I visited after earth quake just to console people. I was there for just 3 days.

Belize - blue hole in the sea – a must visit before you die.

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