Some of Dr. T.N.Suresh Kumar's successes include:

  • Travel across the 7 continents and over 150 Countries.

  • First Indian Tourist to go to Edge of Space (From Yuri Gagarin Space Centre).

  • First Indian Tourist to go in a Zero Gravity Flight (From Yuri Gagarin Space Centre).

  • Incredible adventure experiences of exploring Hot Geysers, Deserts, Active Volcanoes, Mountains, Waterfalls, Oceans, Forests, Farms, Equator and Mysterious Islands.

  • Tours of Ancient, Natural and Man-Made Wonders of the World.

  • Visits to great Divine Destinations.

  • Thousands of Kilometres travelled - On Road, Rail, Air and Water.

  • Inspiring and sharing his thoughts, experiences and learnings at various technical and other diverse forums for children, youth and adults.

  • Learning and understanding of various Geographic Phenomena such as Space Sciences, Aurora Borealis, Eclipses, Time zones and Scientific thinking on Electronics and Mechanical concepts.

  • Being a space scientist through his profession, and wonderful husband to his wife Mrs. A.N.Geetha and a proud dad to his daughter Raksha Suresh.

  • This website is setup to share some of Dr. T.N. Suresh Kumar and his family’s, personal and great experiences and learning obtained over the years through their quest for travel and exploration of “Our World”.

Success Story

Success Story
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